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Blind Man’s Puff – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Robusto

“This was a good cigar, but I had higher expectations. The flavors were pleasing, but I felt for most of it it could have used some sweetness. If the whole cigar had tasted like the final third, minus the bitter nub, it would have scored higher for sure. I definitely want to try the other vitolas and give them more rest. Construction was great and I could see this turning into a very good smoke.” – Emmett

6 Fair 6.3 Fair User Avg
cigars and spirits

Cigar and Spirits – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“Presents a distinct full-flavor experience, due to the extended aging of the tobacco.” – Randy Mastronicola

6 Fair 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Cigar Aficionado – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan

“Draped in a toothy cover leaf, this figurado’s lush draw shows complex notes of walnut and leather interwoven with fruity impressions of raisin, date and dried apricot.”

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Cigar Dojo – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“Villiger brings back La Flor de Ynclan for another go-’round roughly a decade after the cigar’s first introduction. Minor tweaks were made to the blend and the tobaccos were aged for over a decade. While I’ve never smoked the 2005 iteration, I can say that the 2017 blend is quite enjoyable. This is a great example of how some of the industry’s oldest/largest manufacturers are sometimes able to offer more unique smoking experiences than their boutique counterparts, utilizing a more diverse/aged selection of tobaccos that have the effect of awakening a dulled palate; one that’s become far too accustomed to the familiar selection of tobaccos from many of today’s edgy/craft brands. The cigar provided a perfect draw and a sneaky, ramping of spices and intensity throughout—beginning mild and ending near medium, with an onslaught of nostril-zinging spice. Additionally, refined/nuanced notes of vanilla, orange creamsicle, sage, and tang were the highlights of the flavor profile. Unfortunately, a very thin wrapper made for multiple nicks and cracks that could’ve hampered the draw and/or burn. Be sure to fully acclimate La Flor de Ynclan and be careful with the cut (punch, if possible) and you should be in for a rewarding experience.” – Jordan Guttormson

7 Good 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Halfwheel – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“The relaunched La Flor de Ynclan has done a solid job in impressing me with medium to medium-full flavors, clean pepper notes and consistent progressions in flavor and strength. While the cigar didn’t task me with keeping a log of non-stop flavors, it never got bland or boring, finding a solid core profile early and sticking with it to the end, nudging it up in strength consistently. This may not be a cigar that will wow your senses, but it should impress you with solid core flavors that seem to be about as reliable as any I’ve come across in a cigar recently.” – Patrick Lagreid

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
Cigar Coop

Cigar Coop – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Churchill

“It’s been a long time since I smoked the original La Flor de Ynclan from Villiger, but I can tell you smoking the new 2017 blend, I was quite impressed. The flavors of this new incarnation mesh quite well and they seemed to fit this cigar’s medium strength, medium-bodied profile nicely. I also found all three sizes to perform quite well, however, the Churchill size seemed to really shine with this blend. This is a cigar that can be enjoyed any time of the day by either the novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. As for myself, this is a cigar I would easily smoke again – and it’s worthy of a box split.” – William Cooper

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Leaf Enthusiast – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“A great representation of a complex but easy smoking medium bodied cigar. Cigar smokers of all levels could enjoy this without reproach. If this were a couple dollars less, I would have hardly any guilt in buying more than one or two of these at a time. Overall a great cigar from Villiger Cigars that I would recommend to anyone. I’ll be keeping an eye out in my local shops for these.” – Jon Siddle

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Cigar Noise – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Robusto

“I enjoyed nearly all of my experience with the La Flor De Ynclan and I really look forward to reviewing the other vitolas. This medium strength, medium-bodied cigar would be perfect for a newer cigar smoker. It doesn’t have overly tax the palate yet it offers enjoyable flavors. It is also a cigar a seasoned smoker would enjoy early in the day. While I paired mine with water for reviewing, I am guessing a black coffee with a lighter body would be an excellent choice for pairing. The ONLY downside to my experience was the draw in the first two-thirds of the cigar. I won’t go as far as to call it laborious, but it was noticeably more work than it should be. I am really looking forward the the Churchill to see how the blend works in that vitola.” – Ted

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
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Stogie Guys – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Churchill

“Clearly, this is not an inexpensive cigar. It’s also not a cigar that’s likely to satisfy if you’re looking for a full-bodied experience. But if you seek a milder smoke with well-balanced complexity and ample nuance, the Churchill from La Flor de Ynclan will not leave you disappointed. I award this Villiger creation a very admirable rating of four stogies out of five.” -Patrick A.

8 Great 6.3 Fair User Avg
stogie press

Stogie Press – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“Overall, the Villiger La Flor De Ynclan was an amazing cigar with consistent full flavor, perfect construction, and an incredible ash.This paired extremely well with the Zfran Rum that was recommended by the company, bringing out the fruit nuance that ran though the core of the cigar along with the sweet cinnamon spice. I have been a fan of Villiger Cigars ever since I smoked the Villiger Cabareté Maduro back in 2014 which made the Stogie Press top 25 for that year placing #8. This year the La Flor De Ynclan is even better than the Cabareté Maduro and will hit my list of go to cigars in shop if they carry it. Top 25 for 2017? We shall see!” – Boston Jimmie

9 Extraordinary 6.3 Fair User Avg

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