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    Let me know what cigars you would like to see added to the site and I will prioritize them accordingly if I can. I’m planning on adding a new cigar every day.


    Brandon Imsdahl

    Anything Tatuaje, Jas Sum Kral, Caldwell and/or boutique related. Want to see things that are uncommon and unique.


    Will Escalante

    I would love to read your reviews on:
    La Mission Du L’atelier in robusto,
    Fratello Oro in corona,
    Warped Futuro in corona gorda, and
    Illusione R Rothchildes Maduro.



    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will work on these soon!


    Josh Mills

    Would be cool to see some stuff from Black Label Trading Company, Warped, and Flor de Selva on here! This website is amazing btw, hope it catches some attention.


    Nicholas Villaggio

    Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf collection cigars
    Anything Illusione
    Anything RoMa Craft



    I live right between the Newhampshire and Massachusetts border.
    Just 20min north from Boston.
    If you’re from around these parts. Then you have some really fine establishments from where you can count on for an optimum gar.
    My most convenient go to is in Londonderry NH
    TWINS, makers of the 7/20/4 line owned by Kurt Kendall.
    That’s where I can be found on most date nights (friday) as it works into my busy sheduele just right.
    Normally I pick a couple of my favs, or try something (if they have it) that I either read about or was recommended by a friend of the leaf for a nice relaxing experience at the lounge.
    They also maintain a full bar with many great items for what you might enjoy for paring and usually, someone will by food. Or we pitch in or BYO
    Their tabacco’s always well tended to as I know Kurt wouldn’t have it any other way.
    What you’d expect from a brick and mortar tyoe establishment with a long running history
    He’s quite crafty too. Knows how to get your taste buds flowing by show casing and highlighting certain brand and giving them a chance to promote their prize.
    He even does it for complete unknows as well. If they pass his test
    That’s where I’m going… The unknown.
    Not the highly backed individual with a story or a name.
    But that one guy I wish I was.
    The guy who buys tobacco in bulk and experiments at home, ill he finds all the right ingredients and BAM!
    A winner is born… Or not?
    Who is that gar?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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