Toasted Foot

Toasted Foot – Davidoff – 702 Series Aniversario No. 3

“The original Davidoff Limited Edition 2009 Seleccion 702 is one of my all time favorite cigars, if not actually my favorite. The prospect of Davidoff creating a new series of cigars by replacing the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on their core line with their proprietary Ecuadorian 702 wrapper was something I never thought I’d see, but I’m glad I got to. The Davidoff 702 No. 3 is very good cigar, and exactly what I was hoping for from Davidoff. With a tad more strength than the original Davidoff Aniversario No. 3, the 702 Series No. 3 has a bit more strength to it, putting it in the solidly medium range. Though it may be a bit too much for the beginning cigar smoker, there is a wide variety of cigar enthusiasts that will find the Davidoff 702 No. 3 enjoyable. There’s a good depth and balance to the flavor profile. While the flavors present do not change too much, it is their relationship to each other that is what makes the 702 No. 3 so pleasant to smoke. Personally, I enjoyed the Davidoff 702 Series Aniversario No. 3 a lot. It’s a very good cigar, and fans of Davidoff cigar will surely find it familiar.” – Jonathan David

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
Stogie Guys - logo

Stogie Guys – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“The addition of the 702 Series adds a new twist, but ultimately fits into the White Label line as a medium-bodied cigar that is subtly complex and exquisitely balanced. Davidoff cigars are always priced as premium cigars but they usually deliver, and the 702 Series 2000 is no exception, which is why it earns a rating of four and a half stogies out of five.” – Patrick Semmens

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
cigars and spirits

Cigars & Spirits – Davidoff – 702 Series Special R

“Flavor notes will be floral, earth, wood mingled with dark rich notes of chocolate dark berries, coffee and leather with a balanced creamy aftertaste.” –  Randy Mastronicola

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg
Blind Man's Puff Logo

Blind Man’s Puff – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“This one was really different, and that is a good thing. No more of the same old flavor profile here. Some unique flavors mixed with a great burn and tons of smoke output, that makes this a cigar I want to try again. I will be glad to find out what this one is.” -Matthew T. (A Huge Nerd)

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg
Cigar Dojo Logo

Cigar Dojo – Davidoff – 720 Series Special R

“The Davidoff 702 Series Special “R” is one of seven cigars in the company’s new 702 Series. Utilizing a proprietary Ecuadorian wrapper first found on the highly-rated Davidoff Limited Edition 2009 Selección 702—along with the binder and filler tobaccos from the standard Davidoff Aniversario Special “R”—this 702 Series robusto delivers primary tasting notes of berry, cedar, cream, earth, espresso, leather, pecans, and pepper. Unusually complex, flavorful, and smooth, the cigar produces a smoking experience that triggers all of the five senses of taste—sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and the highly-elusive umami.” – Steve Stevens

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
cigar aficionado logo

Cigar Aficionado – Davidoff – 702 Series

“Tightly packed and symmetrically rolled with a round head. It’s a combination of big woody notes sweet raisins and a reedy finish.” – Cigar Aficionado

6 Fair 8.2 Great User Avg
halfwheel logo

Halfwheel – Davidoff – 702 Series Special R

“I enjoyed the Davidoff 702 Series Special R more than the score implies. Burn issues hampered this cigar, particularly in the final third, which was otherwise fantastic. It’s good to see Davidoff spending a bit of time focusing on its core; for the last few years, it’s been about Nicaragua, Escurio, Yamasá and Winston Churchill, cigars that were admittedly Davidoff trying to be different, even if it was a restrained difference. This felt very much like what I think of when I think of a classic Davidoff, thankfully without the olor flavor that can sometimes negatively affect a number of the company’s core lines.” – Charlie Minato

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg
Cigar Coop

Cigar-Coop – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“While in the introduction section, you can argue I spent way too much time drawing a distinction that the Davidoff 702 Series is not the Davidoff Limited Edition Seleccion 702, I feel this was important because these are very different cigars. Overall I found the Davidoff 702 Series project to be a case study on how a wrapper can change a cigar. If you have smoked a Davidoff 2000, and now go ahead and smoke the Davidoff Series 702 2000 with the 702 wrapper – you are going to get a very different smoke. My experience with these wrapper substitutions on the 702 is some are going to work better than others. While this one works on the 2000 blend, I’m not sure the 702 Series 2000 eclipses the original 2000. Still this is a cigar I would recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. As for myself, this is a cigar I would definitely smoke again – and it’s worthy of picking up a fiver.” – William Cooper

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg
Leaf Enthusiast logo

Leaf Enthusiast – Davidoff – 702 Series Aniversario No. 3

“If you like Davidoff’s regular White Label line, but wish for something with more body and character, look no further: the 702 Series has plenty of the traditional Davidoff flavor profile with a medium-to-full body and a good amount of pepper from the Ecuadorian wrapper. The interplay of the Dominican fillers with the hybrid Habano wrapper also creates an alluring sweetness that balances well with the wood and earth notes throughout. It may not be my favorite Davidoff, but it is my favorite one from the regular White Label lineup.” – David Jones

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
Cigar Authority

Cigar Authority – Davidoff – 702 Series Special T

“The Finish: Every cigar of the 702 Series is different. I picked up the Special T version because it is a cigar that I had gone to more often recently from Davidoff. It is the 3rd cigar in the line that I had smoked, and probably my least favorite. For me the best size was the Special R, but I have yet to smoke the Aniversario No. 3 so I reserve the right to change my mind. I will say this though, this cigar should end the argument of how much the wrapper changes things.” -Barry Stein

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg

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