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Cigar Dojo – Tatuaje – Négociant Monopole No. 4

"When taking into account Tatuaje's collection of core-line cigars, combined with their notorious penchant for regionals, limited editions, and seasonal blends, it's surprising to find a new addition ...

7 Good
cigars and spirits

Cigar and Spirits – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

“Presents a distinct full-flavor experience, due to the extended aging of the tobacco.” – Randy Mastronicola

6 Fair
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Halfwheel – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

"The relaunched La Flor de Ynclan has done a solid job in impressing me with medium to medium-full flavors, clean pepper notes and consistent progressions in flavor and strength. While the cigar didn'...

8 Great
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Leaf Enthusiast – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

"A great representation of a complex but easy smoking medium bodied cigar. Cigar smokers of all levels could enjoy this without reproach. If this were a couple dollars less, I would have hardly any gu...

8 Great
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Cigar Noise – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Robusto

"I enjoyed nearly all of my experience with the La Flor De Ynclan and I really look forward to reviewing the other vitolas. This medium strength, medium-bodied cigar would be perfect for a newer cigar...

8 Great
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Cigar Dojo – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo

"Villiger brings back La Flor de Ynclan for another go-'round roughly a decade after the cigar's first introduction. Minor tweaks were made to the blend and the tobaccos were aged for over a decade. W...

7 Good
Cigar Coop

Cigar Coop – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Churchill

"It’s been a long time since I smoked the original La Flor de Ynclan from Villiger, but I can tell you smoking the new 2017 blend, I was quite impressed. The flavors of this new incarnation mesh quite...

8 Great
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Stogie Guys – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan Churchill

"Clearly, this is not an inexpensive cigar. It’s also not a cigar that’s likely to satisfy if you’re looking for a full-bodied experience. But if you seek a milder smoke with well-balanced complexity ...

8 Great
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Cigar Aficionado – Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan

"Draped in a toothy cover leaf, this figurado's lush draw shows complex notes of walnut and leather interwoven with fruity impressions of raisin, date and dried apricot."

8 Great

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