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Halfwheel – Davidoff – 702 Series Special R

“I enjoyed the Davidoff 702 Series Special R more than the score implies. Burn issues hampered this cigar, particularly in the final third, which was otherwise fantastic. It’s good to see ...

7 Good
stogie press

Stogie Press – Caldwell – All Out Kings Foreverlast

“Overall, the patient collaboration between Caldwell Cigars and Drew Estate on the All Out Kings has created an excellent cigar that was pleasing with flavor and aroma. The only issue I had, was...

9 Extraordinary
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Casas Fumando – Caldwell – All Out Kings Give Me Your Lunch Money

"I have liked pretty much everything Willy has had a hand in blending. I’m a huge fan of Drew Estate, and a huge fan of Caldwell cigars. In the past, I’ve seen so many promising collaborations fall ap...

9 Extraordinary
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Stogie Guys – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

"Much of the cigar—I smoked three of the robusto-sized Smash (5 x 52), for which I paid $69 for a five-pack—exhibited what I’ve come to think of as a campfire taste with some astringency along the way...

6 Fair
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Leaf Enthusiast – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

"My take is this: if you like the Liga Privada T-52, you will like All Out Kings. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s similar enough that you can immediately tell they are cousins. They share strong l...

8 Great
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Cigar Dojo – Caldwell – All Out Kings “Give Me Your Lunch Money”

“Consumers have had their eyes on this intriguing collaboration between some of the most creative/unorthodox minds in the cigar industry for some time now. They will be pleased to experience a c...

8 Great
halfwheel logo

Halfwheel – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

"After I finished smoking the cigars for this review, Brooks Whittington asked me what I thought of the cigar, saying he had heard good things about it. I told him that it’s a good cigar, priced too h...

8 Great
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Blind Man’s Puff – Caldwell – All Out Kings “Give Me Your Lunch Money”

"Overall this was a really good cigar. Construction, draw, and burn were just about as perfect as it gets and the flavors were great. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more complexity, but I think some res...

8 Great

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