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Cigar Aficionado – Davidoff – 702 Series

“Tightly packed and symmetrically rolled with a round head. It’s a combination of big woody notes sweet raisins and a reedy finish.” – Cigar Aficionado

6 Fair
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Cigars & Spirits – Davidoff – 702 Series Special R

“Flavor notes will be floral, earth, wood mingled with dark rich notes of chocolate dark berries, coffee and leather with a balanced creamy aftertaste.” –  Randy Mastronicola

7 Good
Toasted Foot

Toasted Foot – Davidoff – 702 Series Aniversario No. 3

“The original Davidoff Limited Edition 2009 Seleccion 702 is one of my all time favorite cigars, if not actually my favorite. The prospect of Davidoff creating a new series of cigars by replacin...

9 Extraordinary
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Blind Man’s Puff – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“This one was really different, and that is a good thing. No more of the same old flavor profile here. Some unique flavors mixed with a great burn and tons of smoke output, that makes this a cigar I w...

7 Good
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Leaf Enthusiast – Davidoff – 702 Series Aniversario No. 3

“If you like Davidoff’s regular White Label line, but wish for something with more body and character, look no further: the 702 Series has plenty of the traditional Davidoff flavor profile with ...

9 Extraordinary
Cigar Coop

Cigar-Coop – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“While in the introduction section, you can argue I spent way too much time drawing a distinction that the Davidoff 702 Series is not the Davidoff Limited Edition Seleccion 702, I feel this was ...

7 Good
Cigar Authority

Cigar Authority – Davidoff – 702 Series Special T

“The Finish: Every cigar of the 702 Series is different. I picked up the Special T version because it is a cigar that I had gone to more often recently from Davidoff. It is the 3rd cigar in the ...

7 Good
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Stogie Guys – Davidoff – 702 Series 2000

“The addition of the 702 Series adds a new twist, but ultimately fits into the White Label line as a medium-bodied cigar that is subtly complex and exquisitely balanced. Davidoff cigars are alwa...

9 Extraordinary
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Cigar Dojo – Davidoff – 720 Series Special R

“The Davidoff 702 Series Special “R” is one of seven cigars in the company’s new 702 Series. Utilizing a proprietary Ecuadorian wrapper first found on the highly-rated Davidoff Limited Edition 2...

9 Extraordinary

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