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Stogie Review – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

“The cigar was pretty flavorful with notes of leather, coffee, cedar, baking spice, red pepper flakes, cocoa, hazelnuts and caramel. The cigar started off sweet and got sweeter near the midpoint, but turned more bitter near the end like an espresso. The burn was really strange though so that did detract from the cigar somewhat. I do prefer the Smash (robusto) over the Give Me Your Lunch Money (corona) which is my preferred vitola usually, but the corona is more spicy over the robusto which is sweeter and more savory. These cigars aren’t for everyone, but if these sound like they would match up well your preferred flavor profile, check these out before they are all gone.” – Ben Lee

5 Fair 8.2 Great User Avg
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Cigar Aficionado -Stogie Review – Caldwell – All Out Kings

“A dark, oily robusto that smokes evenly, delivering big notes of earth and charcoal alongside sweeter impressions of cedar and licorice. The finish is toasty.”

6 Fair 8.2 Great User Avg
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Leaf Enthusiast – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

“My take is this: if you like the Liga Privada T-52, you will like All Out Kings. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s similar enough that you can immediately tell they are cousins. They share strong leathery flavors, though this has more complexity from time-to-time, diverging from the T-52 with more coffee and chocolate flavors. Definitely a very good cigar and one that I will enjoy fairly often…at least as much as I smoke the T-52. Some have balked at the price point, but since it falls right in line with its cousin line, I think the All Out Kings is definitely worth the money.” -David Jones

8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg
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Halfwheel – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

“After I finished smoking the cigars for this review, Brooks Whittington asked me what I thought of the cigar, saying he had heard good things about it. I told him that it’s a good cigar, priced too high. I then made the comparison with the Padrón Exclusivo and he was notably surprised by just how pricey this cigar is. In fairness, many cigars would fail the Padrón comparison, but I suspect that example will keep a lot of people from smoking as many All Out Kings as they might want. It’s pricey. To some degree, I’m not sure what I should expect: Drew Estate’s offerings have increased at a steady pace and Caldwell isn’t known for making cheap cigars; but the price point makes this a special occasion cigar for me—and I think the flavors fall just short of a special occasion.” -Charlie Minato

8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg
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Stogie Guys – Caldwell – All Out Kings Smash

“Much of the cigar—I smoked three of the robusto-sized Smash (5 x 52), for which I paid $69 for a five-pack—exhibited what I’ve come to think of as a campfire taste with some astringency along the way. On the other hand, the cigar is an extraordinary performer. The draw and smoke production in all those I smoked were excellent, while the burn was razor sharp. The white ash held on tightly throughout. I can’t imagine this cigar will engender many middle-of-the-road reactions. If it suits your palate, you’ll likely be a big fan; if not, your reaction will probably be similar to mine. And the only way to find out where you fall on the scale is to try one.For me, this is a tough cigar to rate. All Out Kings is obviously not a bad cigar. It just doesn’t appeal to me. which is why I give it three stogies out of five.” -George Edmonson

6 Fair 8.2 Great User Avg
stogie press

Stogie Press – Caldwell – All Out Kings Foreverlast

“Overall, the patient collaboration between Caldwell Cigars and Drew Estate on the All Out Kings has created an excellent cigar that was pleasing with flavor and aroma. The only issue I had, was the intermediate burn issue with the wave that eventually corrected itself. The All Out Kings is a pricey smoke but it delivered a slow hour and 40 minutes of pleasure so I would say the price may be justified. I would certainly recommend the All Out Kings and I would like to try some of the other vitolas in the line up. Since this is a 2017 release, it is a contender for the Stogie Press top 25 cigars of the year.” -Boston Jimmie

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
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Casas Fumando – Caldwell – All Out Kings Give Me Your Lunch Money

“I have liked pretty much everything Willy has had a hand in blending. I’m a huge fan of Drew Estate, and a huge fan of Caldwell cigars. In the past, I’ve seen so many promising collaborations fall apart, but in the case of the All Out Kings these brands absolutely murdered it. The cigar is complex, the flavors absolutely line up with my desired profile, its very full and bold, yet balanced and the strength of the cigar never overpowers the flavors while the burning experience was flawless. Outside of the steep price, I can’t think about anything I don’t like about this cigar. And while we are on price, I really don’t even mind that. When it comes to Caldwell’s use of rare, and vintage tobaccos I’ve grown to expect those prices, and rarely do the cigars not deliver. So this is box-worthy in my opinion for sure and will easily become a staple of my regular rotation.” – Tony Casas

9 Extraordinary 8.2 Great User Avg
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Blind Man’s Puff – Caldwell – All Out Kings “Give Me Your Lunch Money”

“Overall this was a really good cigar. Construction, draw, and burn were just about as perfect as it gets and the flavors were great. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more complexity, but I think some rest might add that. I’m surprised how mild this cigar was with the T-52 wrapper. I give this a score of 91.” – Emmett Malone

8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg
Cigar federation

Cigar Federation – Caldwell – All Out Kings Foreverlast

“As the cigar transitions into the middle third, it’s settled into this chocolate and spice combination. It’s a dessert cigar. The dry wood from the first third becomes a cedar at a light plus strength level, with some creaminess underneath everything. In the last third there’s chocolate, earth, and a slight sour note all combining together. That evolves into a chocolate and cedar combination with hints of spice.
Total smoking time 1 hour and 38 minutes. Was there ever any doubt that a collaboration between Willy Herrera and Robert Caldwell would produce a great cigar? I’ve been seeing a lot of online discussion about the Gimme Your Lunch Money vitola being the best performer for flavor, so I’m going to have to seek out the other vitolas and try them for myself.” – John Reiner

7 Good 8.2 Great User Avg
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Cigar Dojo – Caldwell – All Out Kings “Give Me Your Lunch Money”

“Consumers have had their eyes on this intriguing collaboration between some of the most creative/unorthodox minds in the cigar industry for some time now. They will be pleased to experience a cigar that lives up to the hype. All Out Kings succeeds in showcasing Drew Estate’s inventory of some of the highest grade tobaccos available, offering a surprisingly refined and highly balanced experience not often found in the realm of Nicaraguan maduro cigars. An enjoyably easy draw brings plenty of smoke on every puff, giving a flavor-forward experience that will have you coming back for more. Keep your palate fresh though, as it’s a delicate experience that requests your full attention, if you’re looking to enjoy its subtle complexities.” -Jordan Guttormson

8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg

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