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Blind Man’s Puff – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Lancero

“This cigar had some personality. The beginning was nicely balanced with teas, coffees, chocolates and some oak. The peppery tingle came in about half way though but soon everything gelled into a strong cup of coffee or tea. In the final third, near the end, it leveled off into a good cup of tea. Overall I enjoys this one. I just don’t like the length of time needed. This would be a good one for the humidor if it were shorter.” -Eric (smalls29)

8 Great
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Leaf – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Corona

“The first two-thirds of BLTC’s Morphine were truly fantastic, a complex, well-balanced blend of Nicaraguan and Mexican leaf that was full-bodied and very pleasing to my palate. The last third tailed off a little bit as the Mexican leaf took over the flavor profile, but it’s still a very good cigar that I would smoke again…if I could get my hands on it. You should try this one and see what you think…and if you like it, buy a bunch because they will probably be sold out soon after and then you’ll have to wait for the next year’s release.” – David Jones

8 Great
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Bourbon and Broadleaf – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Lancero

“I really love the smoky tobacco taste the Black Label Trading Company Morphine gives off.  The smoke was even complemented by bystanders standing in close proximity. After sampling this pre-release I am 110% sure everyone is going to love it.  Make sure you smoke this with food in your stomach because this cigar packs a nice punch. A solid A cigar. The Black Label Trading Company Morphine will be first released at this year’s upcoming IPCPR and be available in a two sizes: Lancero 7 x 38 and Corona 5 1/2 x 42.n  Morphine will become available this upcoming June and be available in retailers worldwide.” – Maximus Kenneth

9 Extraordinary
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The Cigar Nut – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Corona

“This cigar is an amazing offering from Black Label Trading Company. The Morphine really shows what a true boutique cigar is about, quality and performance above all else. This is a cigar to seek out and buy. The overall strength of the Morphine is full, although on the lower end of full. If a full flavor complex cigar is what you are looking for then you want to pick this up.” – Brandon K.

9 Extraordinary
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Cigar Dojo – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Corona

“Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes. Only because I want to try more of the double wrapper! I think the Ecuador wrapper really helped smooth out those bitter and sour qualities that I find with San Andrés wrapper. Construction was on point. I invite you to try this cigar and smoke it as art and see what it can teach you.” – Joshua V.

6 Fair

Cigar Federation – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Corona

“I enjoyed the BLTC Morphine, and IMHO is the best cigar they have put on the market to date. As Catfish would say, “it was designed for the modern palate”. I am surprised in the lack of strength, considering the amount of ligero used, but I think the medium strength & full body profile will make it more appealing to most people.” Logan

7 Good
Cigar Coop

Cigar Coop – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Lancero

“There is no doubt that 2014 is proving to be the year of the lancero as many companies seem to be gravitating toward releases cigars in this vitola.  In a competitive field, the Black Label Trading Company Morphine does a great job at distinguishing itself.  While I didn’t find this to be an overly complex cigar, there are some really good flavors – and that licorice note really stood out for me.  Black Label Trading Company is definitely a boutique cigar maker to keep an eye on.  This is easily a cigar I’d recommend to lancero enthusiasts – novice or experienced to give a try.  As for myself, this is definitely a cigar I’d smoke again – and it’s one definitely worthy of a box split.” – Will Cooper

8 Great
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Halfwheel – Black Label Trading Company – Morphine Lancero

“Extreme construction issues for some of the samples aside, the blend of the Black Label Trading Company Morphine Lancero is actually fairly enjoyable with a dominant combination of gritty earth, black pepper and cedar that does not let up. Yes, the profile could be more complex, but if James Brown was shooting for a full-bodied, dark, earthy and bold profile, he nailed it for sure. I can easily recommend trying it out, and am interested to see how the Corona changes the experience.” – Brooks Whittington

6 Fair

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