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Blind Man’s Puff – Arturo Fuente – OpusX 20 Years Celebration Father & Son

“This cigar was so much better after a couple months of rest. When I first smoked it, I knew it was good, but not as special as I hoped. This time it was special. This 20th Anniversary Opus is nothing like the regular opus. It is medium bodied and nuanced, not in your face strength. The construction was almost perfect and the flavors were balanced. I only look forward to how this will age years on. Definitely recommend if you can find them.” – Emmett Malone

9 Extraordinary 8.5 Great User Avg
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Cigar Dojo – Arturo Fuente – OpusX 20 Years Celebration Father & Son

Commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the OpusX brand, Arturo Fuente released the OpusX 20 Years Celebration line in the fall of 2016. Packaged in exquisite, highly-lacquered boxes and offered in four sizes—including the Father & Son (6¼” x 49) smoked for this review—the cigars are composed with a Dominican wrapper leaf from the third priming, instead of the upper primings used in the regular OpusX line. Delivering primary flavors and aromas of black pepper, cedar, coffee, dried fruits, and mixed nuts, the OpusX 20 Years Celebration Father & Son will entertain the palates of both the novice and the seasoned cigar enthusiast for almost two hours. The experience is ultimately hindered though, by an unjustifiable price point and a sporadic flavor profile—showing moments of brilliance and others of immaturity.

7 Good 8.5 Great User Avg
Cigar Noise

Cigar Noise – Arturo Fuente – Opus X 20 Years Celebration – Gods Whisper

While I can’t speak for the other vitolas in the 20 Years line, I can say that I’m fairly disappointed in the Gods Whisper. While the second half attempts to bring it all together, I still feel that it’s too little, too late. Removing the price tag and expectations from a Fuente 20th anniversary cigar, I still can’t imagine that I’d reach for another of these any time soon. There’s just too many other options, even within the Fuente lineup, that can captivate me from start to finish without the hassle, hunt, or high price tag.

6 Fair 8.5 Great User Avg
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Halfwheel – Arturo Fuente – OpusX 20 Years Celebration Father & Son

“I was really excited to get to review the Fuente Fuente OpusX 20 Years Celebration, which was a release that I doubted I was even going to get to see in a store much less actually smoke. Fortunately, the profile lived up to my expectations, with a nice complexity of flavors that worked well together. There was enough movement as well to keep me interested without jumping around too much or devolving at the end. Unfortunately there was a plethora of burn issues, which almost required me to keep my lighter in hand the entire time. I know that will hurt the score some, but regardless of what the number is, I think this is a cigar that you should definitely try for yourself if you run across it. Personally I’d love to see how the other sizes compared, but it will be doubtful that I’ll be able to.” – Brian Burt

7 Good 8.5 Great User Avg
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Leaf Enthusiast – Arturo Fuente – Opus X 20 Years Celebration – Father & Son

I went in with high expectations, but the cigar didn’t deliver.  While it didn’t have any negative flavors, it just didn’t really catch my attention.  I don’t know if the delay caused them be released early and age would do them a favor.  Or that the blend isn’t to my liking.

6 Fair 8.5 Great User Avg

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